Please note that the internal reporting channel should not be confused with complaints reporting.

To report a complaint (dissatisfaction with a service you have received), please refer to the "Complaints" section of the website.

Internal reporting channels

Belgium has transposed Directive (EU) 2019/1973 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 into the Law of 28 November 2022 on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law or national law observed within a legal entity in the private sector (hereinafter “the Law”). This law came into force on 15 February 2023.

The purpose of the law is to set up reporting channels to enable whistleblowers who witness actual or potential violations in certain areas to report them, and to prohibit any form of reprisal against them.

Within this framework, iBanFirst makes this procedure available to persons likely to make such a report.

A whistleblower has several channels for making a report, from which he or she is free to choose:

  • Whistleblowing reporting channel link: https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/ibanfirstsa
  • A face-to-face meeting, for example by requesting a meeting with one of the compliance officers;
  • Sending an e-mail to the following mailbox: whistleblowing@ibanfirst.com
  • Sending a letter by (registered) mail to the following address:

IbanFirst iBanFirst S.A.

Compliance Department

Avenue Louise 350

1050 Brussels


External reporting channels

A whistleblower may also use an external reporting channel, either after having used internal channels to make a report, or by appealing directly to external reporting channels, if he or she deems them more appropriate.

In Belgium, the Nationale Bank of Belgium is the competent authority in charge of receiving external reports for the financial sector. More details can be found on the website below.


iBanFirst S.A. is duly authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium (under CBE number 0849.872.824) as a payment institution. It is a direct member of the SWIFT network and is certified to make payments throughout the SEPA zone. As a payment institution, iBanFirst S.A. only offers hedging solutions (forward, flexible forward and dynamic forward) connected to underlying payment transactions. iBanFirst S.A. does not offer options or any other financial instruments for investment or speculative purposes.