Send and receive payments in any currency

Remove the risk from international transactions. iBanFirst allows you to regain control of your payments in foreign currencies


Trade globally in your chosen currency

With iBanFirst, send and receive payments to and from 140+ countries, from major to emerging markets. All transactions are initiated online and executed securely and reliably through tier-one banking partners and global payment networks. iBanFirst provides access to the best currency trading desks.

Build trust

Pay suppliers on time and receive your customers' payments in their own currencies



Choose from a broad range of options with no hidden fees


Unified process

Leverage a single online platform for foreign exchange and payment operations

Control payment speed and cost

When sending a payment, you see in real time the exchange rate of the transaction, and the fees that apply.


Transfers between iBanFirst accounts

Less than 1 hour through real-time gross settlement

Next-day payment through SEPA or SWIFT

Two-day payment through SEPA or SWIFT

Three-day transfer through local payment networks

A partner you can trust

Secure and reliable above all

Frequently asked questions

Which currencies does iBanFirst offer?

iBanFirst currently offers over 30 currencies to open accounts, receive payments, hold funds and make payments. You can check the list of currencies available here.

iBanFirst offers a comprehensive range of payment speeds to allow companies to choose what best fits their needs.

Payment speeds can be selected when creating a payment. Available payment speeds depend on the beneficiary account, bank, and country.

Payment speeds range from Instant to Standard:

  • Instant – payments between iBanFirst accounts are instantaneous (and free of charge!)
  • RTGS – payments with the RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) speed option are received by the beneficiary's bank in as little as one hour during business hours. Please note that depending on the beneficiary’s bank, payments may then take a little bit longer to be actually credited to the account.
  • Express – payments with the Express speed option are usually credited to the beneficiary's bank account within 24 hours.
  • Standard – payments with the Standard speed option are usually credited to the beneficiary's bank account within two to three business days.

Please note that payment speeds are not guaranteed and that actual payment speeds might vary depending on factors such as regulatory and compliance checks, payment cut-off times, as well as intermediary banks involved in the process.

At iBanFirst, we offer competitive and transparent foreign exchange rates and fees. Here you can find a complete overview of all our fees applied.

Unlike most corporate banks, iBanFirst does not charge any fees to open an account nor any monthly subscription fees.

iBanFirst earns a spread on every currency conversion, calculated as the difference between the market rate and the client rate. This spread is transparent and shown on the web platform or communicated over the phone.

Although the iBanFirst payment solution has been optimised for global currency transactions, you can also use the platform to make non-converting currency transactions. However, if your business is only dealing with same-currency transactions, then iBanFirst might not be the best payment solution for your needs.

No, iBanFirst offers dual authentication with username, password and a time-based code to carry out sensitive operations on the platform. Additionally, iBanFirst offers multi-signature accounts and payments. Users can choose to set this option up to execute payments that require multiple signatures.

iBanFirst S.A. is duly authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium (under CBE number 0849.872.824) as a payment institution. It is a direct member of the SWIFT network and is certified to make payments throughout the SEPA zone. As a payment institution, iBanFirst S.A. only offers hedging solutions (forward, flexible forward and dynamic forward) connected to underlying payment transactions. iBanFirst S.A. does not offer options or any other financial instruments for investment or speculative purposes.