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Why hedge?


Protect your sales margins

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Limit the impact of unfavourable market movements on your sales margins


Improve the accuracy of your budget forecasts

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Anticipate your cash flows more effectively and gain visibility and efficiency when planning your budgets


Get better exchange rates

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Have the possibility of benefiting from potentially more favourable conditions, and seize market opportunities

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iBanFirst, a trusted partner for building your foreign exchange risk management strategy

We're here to help you build a tailored foreign exchange risk management strategy.


Assess your exposure to foreign exchange risk

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Our foreign exchange experts help you measure the impact of currency volatility on your business and determine your budget rate.


Define the right hedging strategy

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Our range of foreign exchange risk management instruments can be fully tailored to the needs and structure of your business.


Monitor and steer your strategy

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Our teams are on hand to answer your questions and to adjust and optimise your foreign exchange risk management policy in real time.

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