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2021 Economic Outlook

This document provides a global macroeconomic outlook and an overview of the possible impact of expected trends on major currency pairs, allowing you to anticipate the fluctuation risks that your business could face in 2021.

How to hedge foreign exchange risk?

How to implement currency hedging solutions? How to lock in the amount of an invoice due in several months? How to secure the amount of a purchase payable upon reception without its precise delivery date? Have a look at our latest infographic to get all the answers.

Currency Reference Guide

With more than 25 currencies thoroughly analyzed by our experts, this guide is fundamental to understand currencies and better manage your upcoming transactions.

2020: The Data Big Bang

2020 will be the year of data for the banking and financial services sector. On 14 September 2019, the last provisions of the second European payment services directive, PSD2, came into force. All banks are now obliged to share the data they hold on their customers with authorised third parties. It is at this turning point that iBanFirst wanted to publish this white paper.

Brexit: The great disillusion

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has until 19 October to ask the EU for a third postponement. This white paper explores three scenarios for Brexit in the short term – a third extension of the deadline for leaving the EU, an early general election or a new referendum, and a no-deal Brexit – and their impact on the British economy.

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