Optimise cash flow to finance growth

Import Lending provides any company with a flexible credit line to pay international suppliers.


Fast and easy

Fast approval of credit facility with an online process


Facilitate business

Improve relationships with international trading partners, obtain better terms from suppliers


Unified process

Leverage a single online platform for unlocking capital, processing foreign exchange and sending payment

Transparent and flexible


Transparent fees

There is no cost to setup the credit facility, and all fees are visible and transparent - no bad surprise.


Flexible term

The term of Import Lending is flexible up to 150 days. You can repay at any time during this period.

Unlocking opportunities

iBanFirst's Import Lending lets you capture growth opportunities thanks to a flexible credit facility to finance international purchases. The examples below illustrate how you can use Import Lending to unlock new business!


Quickly increase available credit

Importer of products from the USA, you receive an unexpected order for delivery within 90 days. Your bank credit line is already maxed out and processing time for an increase is 3 months. Import Lending provides the additional financing needed to avoid missing this opportunity.


Pay deposit before shipment of goods

When importing goods from China, you must pay a 30% deposit to the supplier, and the balance is due upon receipt of the goods 60 days later. With Import Lending, you get immediate access to funds to pay the deposit.


Pay supplier earlier, get a discount

Typical payment terms from your British supplier is 150 days upon receipt of the goods. With Import Lending, you can pay the supplier upfront and repay the loan in 150 days. This gives you leverage to negotiate a better price.

Trusting iBanFirst, your partner for international finance


Segregated funds

In compliance with EU regulations, client funds are held in separate accounts, at leading European banks. Only clients can access their funds, iBanFirst cannot use or lend client funds.


Safe and secure accounts

iBanFirst implements state-of-the-art encryption and digital security. Account access is protected with single-use (TOTP) and dual-factor authentication.


Regulation and certifications

Fully licensed and regulated as a Payment Institution under EU PSD2, iBanFirst holds AISP and PISP licences, is a SWIFT member, and is SEPA homologated.

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